How Garage Door Choices Add Property Value

When garage doors need to be replaced, consider upgrading the quality or changing the style to add value to the property. Ordinary garage doors are functional but add nothing to the appearance of the house. They tend to blend into the background and are hardly noticed at all. There are so many materials and styles for garage doors these days that enhancing the look of the structure is easy and cost-effective.

Decorative Options on a Budget

Aluminum or vinyl garage doors can mimic wood grains and textures, be painted in any color, and even be covered with custom graphics. Films can be added that depict an interior of the garage so well people may walk into the door thinking it has already been opened. Logos of favorite sports teams, intricate scrolls or designs, and even lettering can be used to reflect an individual’s personality, boost curb appeal, and add to the value of the property.

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Conservative, traditional, or period looks can also be recreated on garage doors. Carriage house designs, old tractors or classic vehicles, and classic wrought iron detailing can be mimicked for an elegant look. Decorative hardware can be added to complete the theme. If there are no budget restrictions, actual carriage doors made of wood, wrought iron details, and other top-of-the-line materials are available

Higher Quality

Upgrading doors will appear to be more expensive than simply replacing the old one with the same lower-quality choice, but that is not the case. A better door is more cost-effective overall because Garage door repairs will be drastically reduced. There will be less wear and tear on moving parts because the mechanisms will be more durable. The security level will be higher because the door will not be cheaply made.

The high quality is also a way to raise property value. A secure and durable door reduces the possibility of intruders gaining access to the garage and, in situations where the garage is attached, the home itself. It can be turned into a focal point should the home put on the real estate market. Garage doors are sold, installed, and repaired by many companies that specialize in locksmith services, such as Coastal Contract Hardware.

The Connection

The close connection to locks and security make this a natural expansion for locksmiths. It is also a benefit to residential and commercial customers because dealing with only one company is easier and safer. Making one call for all lock and door needs saves time. Drastically reducing the number of professionals who are aware of locking mechanisms at the location adds to security. That fact also provides peace of mind for customers.